Safety Report

Report for the Preservation of Transport Safety(2016)

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your continued use of West Japan Rail Miyajima Ferry. In answer to our company policy [Safety is our greatest priority] we have continued to strengthen efforts to provide safe and reliable services to our customers.
This report is published with the purpose of providing our customers with knowledge of our ongoing efforts to maintain safety, as well as current state of affairs. We hope that after understanding our dedication and advancements to safety that you will continue to choose our company.

West Japan Rail Miyajima Ferry Corp.

Tokihiro Imazu, president and representative director

1. Basic Safety Approach

To ensure the safety of all of our passengers, all employees abide by the following regulations.

2. Basic Safety Policy

  1. We have strengthened our safety management system to comply with up to date laws, and systems already in place.
  2. Strengthened intelligence gathering systems
  3. Undergoing various training and OJT to improve technology
  4. To promote internal communication, and increase information sharing
  5. To reduce accidents by undergoing regular inspections for vessels.

3. Important Safety Policies

The following are company safety procedures.

(1) Enforcing clear and concise verbal communication

  1. Communication for [deceleration] and [backing up], as well as verbal response training.
  2. Making sure to use loud, strong voices
  3. Having all staff attend morning and evening sessions
  4. Having regular established meetings

(2) Risk Management Prevention

  1. Integrated synthesis of pier operations and latent risk prevention
  2. Having all staff attend risk management classes and feedback sessions

(3) Practical Skill Management

  1. Filling out self-assessments after training and surveys for training requests
  2. Creating grafts of overall knowledge base held by individuals
  3. Continuing education through TT school
  4. Biannual training for accident information at Hiroshima branch office

(4) Multi-faced analysis of PDCA procedures

    Enforcement of multi-faced initiatives as outlined in the PDCA

4. Measures for Maintaining Safety Procedures

  1. Enforcing training for all sailors in accordance to the law
  2. Internal audits to be conducted for transportation safety management
  3. Taking care of safety recommendations and risk management
  4. Training to better ability to respond to disaster or abnormal behavior
  5. To maintain efficient disaster response, emergency alert training
  6. Enforcement of reliable verbal cues, as well as docking verbal cues
  7. Having ship and equipment undergo regular inspection
  8. Having safety managers, as well as transportation managers and assistants, attend lectures

* Main policy points for 2015

  1. Having West Japan Rail Hiroshima branch office participate in safety promotion meetings (12 times)
  2. Enforcement of internal audits for employees (2/16)
  3. Having awareness periods for effective verbal communication methods
  4. Leadership guidance operations (499 times)
  5. Emergency response training for quickly notifying director of government agencies.
  6. Risk management evaluation (5)
  7. Training to maintain effective disaster response (3 times)
  8. Holding conferences about Miyajima Matsudai Kisen (stock) and transport safety
  9. Operation assistant management training (3 times)
  10. To further technological knowledge of chief engineers by having them undergo TT school training

5. Safety objectives

  1. Having zero passenger accidents or injuries
  2. Having zero on the job injuries among employees

6. Safety management system

Safety management systemSafety management system

7. Development

  1. no reported customer injuries or accidents in 2015
  2. Also, no on-the-job injuries were reported among employees for 2015. System was updated in 2014 (August 18th) for employee injury prevention.
  3. No recorded accidents during ship operation.

8. Executive Leadership

At this time, there are no laws, or new amendments, regarding administrative guidance.

9. Safety management personnel

Ship captains 10
Chief engineers 10

10. Ship Inspection

As of now we carry out scheduled ship inspections in accordance to the law.

[2016 Inspection]

Miyajimamaru midterm inspection (hull and engine check)
Misenmaru midterm inspection (hull and engine check)

11. Safety Investment Measures

As of November 2016 the unveiling of a new ship, Nanauramaru, is planned.

12. Contact Information

For any question or feedback in regards to our safety report, please feel free to contact us.

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