Victim aid program

Victim aid program (basic outline for victim aid assistance)


This outline was drafter in accordance to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism’s 2013 guideline for victim aid assistance. This assistance is designed for victims of natural disaster, or accidents that occur during transport, in the aim of helping victims get back on their feet, or providing aid to victim’s family in the case of death.

2. Basic outline for care of victims.

(1) Approach to maintaining safety

At our company, our highest priority is the safety of our customers. To ensure the safety measures that are carried out in all of our operations, safety itself has become a fundamental basic policy in our way of thinking.

(2) Our basic approach of support for victims

In the case of an accident, in order to get information to those involved, the West Japan Rail Company (further referred to as West JR), along with all departments of The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism will work together to bring you the latest information.

  • Our goal is to provide immediate, life-saving aid to victims after an accident.
  • We strive to provide the latest up-t-date information to the family of victims immediately following an accident.
  • Helping victims return to a normal way of life following an accident.
  • Following an accident, establishing a system of continued support for the victim.

3. Basic outline for implementation of guideline

(1) Information Supply

i. Supply of information for the families of victims.

  • Our first effort is to work together with the police and first aid responders to gather information quickly
  • Any information collected is available for family members under our system at our inquiries window.
  • Questions asked at the accident site will only be answered once we have all details.

ii. Handling of information regarding passengers and their welfare.

  • After verifying relations, family members can receive information regarding victims at our inquires window.
  • Only after verifying relations can individuals receive information pertaining to victims.
  • We will only offer public information on victims after receiving consent from victim’s family members.
  • Personal information regarding victims will be handled with the upmost care in accordance with the law.

iii. Up-to-date information regarding victims.

  • Overall information of victim’s well-being, as well as information regarding the accident, will be available from our inquiries window as deemed necessary.

(2) Information regarding accident site

i. Access to accident site

  • Escort for family members of victims to the accident site, or nearest hospital will be arranged.

ii. Accommodation support

  • For family members who come from out of town, after attaining information on victim’s condition, we offer support for meals and general care.

(3) Continuous Correspondence

i. Consultation for victims

  • We offer a consultation window for victims and the family members of victims.

ii. Support for victims to help return to normal lifestyle

  • For victims who require specialist care after an accident, we offer the support they need to get proper treatment.

4. Basic structure for system set up

(1) System set up

i. Immediately following an accident, gaining accident specifics and starting counter measures, in addition to supplying aid for our customers is our current policy.

  • Arranging transport assistance for passengers using liaison partners, excluding those who were killed or wounded due to accident.
  • First aid response and rescue measures are currently in place for any and all casualties
  • Our PR and General Affairs department, with the aid of West Japan Rail and our communications window, is responsible for the regulation of general welfare regarding accident victims

ii. Based on the scale of the accident, an officer will be appointed to provide up-to-date information for those involved in the accident.

iii. The drafting of legal documents, as well as records of correspondence , will all be handled by an appointed representative.

System Following an accident

System Following an accidentSystem Following an accident

System for Continuous up-to-date information

System for Continuous up-to-date informationSystem for Continuous up-to-date information

* The above mentioned outline is subject to chance according to the situation.

(2) On-the-job training, Education, and additional training

  • All employees are required to undergo regular, periodic training for overall safety and first-aid response. Materials for training are taken from the reports of previously reported accidents, both internal and from other companies.
  • Simulation training for large scale accidents are carried out with the aid of marine safety personnel and fire fighters.
  • In an effort to further first- aid efforts, regular short course programs are scheduled.