Rules for Website Users

On copyrights

The copyrights on all contents on this website (content of works of texts, photos, illustrations, programs, databases, etc.) belong to our company, the respective authors, or other right holders. The use, disposal, etc. of all works on this website without permission, including reproduction, transcription, broadcasting, distribution, lending, translation, modification, sale, and other similar activities, are strictly prohibited.

On links

You may link to the top page of this website without permission.
If you do so, link to the following URL: (
Please avoid displaying this website in a frame on your website to prevent visitors from mistaking the provider of the information. Configure links so that this website appears in a new window. If you need a link button, you can use the one below.

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However, the following kinds of websites are strictly prohibited from linking to our website.

  • Websites whose content is intended to maliciously slander our company, other companies, or third parties, or cause them to lose credibility
  • Websites that are intended to infringe the copyrights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights of our company, other companies, or third parties
  • Websites that are intended to use links to this website for commercial transactions (such as providing information on this website for a fee)

We shall never be responsible for any damage or loss caused by links to our website. Additionally, please note that we do not accept any requests to create links to other web pages, in principle.

On dissemination of information about this website in magazines or other media

All cases of media coverage of this website in ways other than internet links, including magazine articles and shortcuts on CD-ROMs, will be treated following “On copyrights” and “On links” above. Please contact us beforehand when you are going to give our website media coverage.